Don’t drink unlabeled Vodka.

January 10th, 2012

Bootleg vodka has long been responsible for killing people, and modern times are no exception. If you’re going to drink vodka in Ukraine, make sure the vodka has been purchased at a store and is labeled properly. Otherwise, you could unknowingly be drinking shoe polish, sawdust, or even medicinal disinfectant.

Accommodation Agency for fans EURO 2012

January 10th, 2012

If you are looking for accommodation please visit site:

Water in Ukraine.

January 10th, 2012

Don’t drink the water fully applies to Ukraine and is the best advice to follow for a healthy trip. Never mind the lead pipes, dodgy sewage systems and a menagerie of gastrointestinal ailments; the water just tastes bad and will make you sick. Drink bottled or boiled water only; tea and hot drinks served in restaurants are safe. Avoid eating undercooked meat and freshwater fish, as they are known to carry worms. Accept that you will get diarrhea at some point and then you won’t be so unhappy when you do, although good hygiene such as wash your hands regularly with soap may help prevent infection. New food and new bacteria are the usual cause of diarrhea in Ukraine and the condition should last only 24 hours. Even if you are taking anti-diarrhea tablets like Imodium, be sure to drink lots of clear fluids to avoid dehydration sachets can be purchased in most pharmacies, but you can make the solution yourself with a teaspoon of salt, eight teaspoons of sugar and a liter of safe water. Bacillary dysentery usually fails to settle after 24 hours, and the diarrhea may contain blood and/or slime or you may have a fever. This may be difficult to distinguish from amoebic dysentery. The latter is a much more serious ailment passed by contaminated food or water and human contact. Besides severe and bloody diarrhea, there may be constant vomiting, stomach pains and a high fever. Another unpleasant, though rare, illness in Ukraine is giardiasis, caused by the protozoan Giardia lamblia. Doctor in Ukraine will also prescribe antibiotic treatments, but I you think you will not be near medical facilities then carry your own supply. Ciprofloaxacin – better known as Cipro (one 500 mg tablet repeated 10-12 hours later) – will usually work for bacillary dysentery; however, you should still seek medical advice as sometimes it needs to be treated for longer. Suspected amoebic dysentery or giardiasis should be  treated with 2g of tinidazole (Fasigyn) taken as four 500 mg tablets in one go, repeated seven days later if symptoms persist. If your tummy feels fine, but your stool appear dark red, don’t panic – you are eating a lot more beetroots (in the form of borsch) than you are accustomed to.

Ukraine is an enigma for the visitor

January 10th, 2012

Ukraine is something of an enigma for the visitor. The largest country in Europe, it remains one of the least visited, yet it has retained the rustic beauty of old-world Eastern Europe, and its place names are heavy with historical significance: Kiev, Crimea, Sevastopol, Odessa, and Chernobyl.

The most football hotels during EURO 2012

January 8th, 2012

The English football team chose Krakow for their hub during the Euro 2012 Soccer Championships, in hotel Stary. Please visit: despite all England’s matches of the Championship Group Stage will take place in Ukraine. England plays first their game against France on 11 June at the Donbas Arena in Donetsk before returning to Krakow. Then make another marathon trip to Kyiv to face Sweden four days later and end the group stage back in Donetsk in Ukraine on 19 June. Journey from Krakow to Kyiv makes about 900 kilometers and from Krakow to Donetsk about 1,500 kilometers.

The French team will stay in Donetsk (at FC Shakhtar camp “Kirsha”) during the summer of EURO 2012. Please visit web site

The Sweden football team will stay near Kyiv at “Chervona Ruta” Hotel Please visit web site phone numbers:+38(044) 251 – 69 – 22 mob.+38(067) 220 – 48 – 91. Solovyanenka str. 475, Kozin town, Kyiv region

The German football team will stay during European football Championships Euro 2012, in Gdansk at Dwor Oliwski Hotel. Pls visit:

The Republic of Ireland will be based in Gdynia, Poland at the Sheraton Sopot Hotel and train at the Municipal Stadium. Pls visit:

The Netherlands football team will be seen during the Euro 2012 football championships in Krakow Sheraton hotel. Please visit:

The Portugal football team will stay during the Euro 2012 soccer championships in the Remes hotel in Opalenica west of Poznan. Please visit:

The Spanish football team has chosen Mistral Hotel in Gniewino.  Please visit:

The Russian football team will stay in Polish capital Warsaw at hotel Le Méridien Bristol. Earlier, it was announced that Russia will be training in Ukrainian capital, Kiev during the next summer’s tournament. 42/44 Krakowskie Przedmiescie str, Warsaw. Pls visit

The Czech football team has broken with tradition and gone for an inner city base for its Euro 2012 group games in the Polish city of Wroclaw. In previous international competitions the Czech team has usually opted for secluded, country, locations some distance from the venue. In the build up to EURO 2012, the Czech Republic has lined up three friendly games, on Feb. 29 in Dublin against the Republic of Ireland, in Austria against a still to be decided opponent, and on June 1 against Hungary in Prague. Hotel Monopol please visit web site:

The Greece national team will stay at the Warszawianka Hotel, in Jachranka, close by the Zegrze Reservoir and train at a stadium in Legionowo. Pls visit:

The Croatia national football team will stay in a hotel Sielanka in Warka. Pls visit:   Croatia in Sielanka!


Kyiv subway stations

January 8th, 2012

Numeration of stations and lines of the capital’s metro for EURO 2012 has begun. This measure is taken in order to improve orientation of Kyiv guests during the holding of the football forum.

As the Kyivsky Metropolitan municipal company reported, the numbers were assigned to each line of the metro: thus, Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska line is marked number 1, Kurenivsko-Chervonoarmiyska – number 2, Syretsko-Pecherska – number 3.

Each metro station will receive its own number and have three digits. The first digit means the number of the line, the other two – the number of the station. For example, the Heroiv Dnipra station on the Kurenivsko-Chervonoarmiyska line will have number 210, Minska station – 211, etc.

By the start of the Championship pointers, as well as transliteration of names, will appear at each station of the Kyiv subway.

Five records of Euro-2012

January 7th, 2012

“First, the largest number of people wishing to buy tickets – 12 million applicants have registered through the site and ordered tickets for EURO. This is 14% more than at the previous championship. The competition for tickets – 1:20 indicates that interest in the tournament is huge. Regardless of the fact that in total in 2012 we have more tickets (1.4 million), compared to previous tournaments because the capacity of stadiums is larger. Second, the record number of applications for volunteer work – 24,000 applicants. Of these, we need to select 6,000 tournament assistants from them”.

The tournament director stressed that one feature of the 2012 tournament is much higher than in previous championships, namely UEFA’s investment in preparations and organization of the event – 500 million Euros.

“Another thing that can be considered a record is that all the strongest teams of the continent are coming to play in Ukraine and Poland. This is a unique situation where no European country which is a grandee of European football has been left aside of the finals of the tournament,” he said.

Another event which broke all previous records was the draw ceremony. In Ukraine this holiday became the largest and best organized in the entire history of the Euro. The celebration was attended by 700 VIP-guests, 500 journalists and the world saw a wonderful picture.

Free Wi-Fi zones in and around Kiev

December 30th, 2011

·Restaurant Hutorok Airport Boryspol,

terminal B, 2-d floor

Holosiivskyi area (Raion)

·Hungarian House Krasnoarmeyskaya 111/113

·Cafe Senoval st. Saksaganskogo, 40

·Restaurant ”Asakhy” st. Saksaganskogo, 1g

·Restaurant ”Varenichna №1″ st. Esplanadna, 28

·Restaurant ”Vagon” st. Krasnoarmeyska, 52

·Restaurant ”Ikra” st. Pankovska, 11

·Restaurant ”Pelmenitsa” st. Krasnoarmeyska, 56

·Restaurant Ani st. Krasnoarmeyska, 72

·Fotocenter st. Krasnoarmeyska, 112

·Mc Donalds #55 str.Velyka Vaselkivska 22, (044) 278-35-99 fax (044) 278-36-75 : 06:00-24:00

·Mc Donalds #41 sq.Moskovskaya1/3, (044) 451-86-29 fax (044) 451-42-61 : 06:00-24:00

Obolonskyi area (Raion)

·Cafe ”Lisova pisna” st. Prirechna, 20

·Cafe ”Prime-time” ave. Chervonikh Kazakov, 8

·Restaurant Roksolana ave. Geroev Stalingrada, 18b

·TC Karavan Lugovaya, 12 Cafe Shokoladnitsa

·Restaurant Mafia  st. Timoshenko, 21/3   +38(067) 572 17 62

·Mc Donalds #1 st. Melnikova 3, tel. (044) 230-27-44 fax: (044) 230-27-43   06:00-24:00

·Mc Donalds #22 ave. Obolonskiy 26a, (044) 411-22-19 fax (044) 537-28-67 : 06:00-01:00

·Mc Donalds #43  ave. Moskovskiy 12a, (044) 531-39-21 fax (044) : 06:00-24:00

Pecherskyi area (Raion)

·Pradacafe Bessarabska square, 2

·Doker st. Kreschatik 15, Passage

·Interfax,  st. Reyterska, 8а

·Casino ”Versal” st. Basseyna, 10

·Club ”Kyiv” st. Velyka Vaselkivska, 19

·Club ”Orangereya” st. Basseyna4, ”Mandarin-plaza”,

·Cafe Coffta Luteranska 6-а

·Restaurant  ”UNO-club” st. Kreschatik, 12

·Restaurant ”Gimalay” st. Kreschatik, 23

·Restaurant ”Da Vinchi club” st. Vladimirska, 12

·Restaurant ”Lipskiy osobnyak” st. Lipska, 15

·Restaurant ”Planeta sushi” st. Kreschatik, 12

·Restaurant ”Karavan” st. Klovskiy Spusk, 10

·Restaurant ”Murakami” Naberezhnoe highway, metro Dnipro

·Restaurant ”Stradivary” st. Kreschatik, 12

·Restaurant ”Shanty” Bessarabska square. 2

·Restaurant Kazbek str. Lesy Ukrainky, 30а

·Restaurant-pub Talgen st. Velyka Vaselkivska, 32a

·st. Vladimirska, 64

·Restaurant Mafia st. Kreschatik ,6, +38(067) 570 18 39

·Restaurant ”Mafia”str.Lesy Ukrainky 26, +38(067) 547 11 06

·Mc Donalds #4 str.Kreschatik 19A,  (044) 230-27-37 fax(044) 230-27-38 : 06:00-24:00

·Mc Donalds #25 str. Sofiyvska1/2.  (044) 230-24-62fax (044) 230-24-61 : 08:00-22:00

·Mc Donalds #49 Food-kort “Globus” Underground 1, sq. Independents, (044) 501-79-27 fax (044) 501-79-28 07:30-23:00


·Mc Donalds #50 st.B. Khmelnitskogo 40/25 , (044) 230-27-47 fax (044) 230-27-48 mo-fr 08:00-22:00, sat-su 08:00-22:00

·Mc Donalds #51 str.Lesy Ukrainky 26, (044) 284-26-58 fax (044) 285-08-43 : 06:00-23:45

Podilskyi area (Raion)

·Bar-Restaurant ”Kvartira Babuin” st. Khoreva 1/2

·st. Voloska 7/9

·Restaurant ”Tequila House” ул. Спасская, 8-а

·Restaurant  Puzata Khata st. Sagaydachna, 24

·Restaurant ”IL ПАТИОst. Igorevska, 5a

·Restaurant ”Mafia”str. Verhniy Val, 24 +38(067) 572 89 18

·Mc Donalds #5 str. Borichiv Uzviz 10A, (044) 463-63-60fax (044) 463-63-60 06:00-24:00

·Mc Donalds #32 str.Vyshgorotska 33a, (044) 451-89-35 fax (044 451-89-34 : 06:00-23:30

Shevchenkivskyi area (Raion)

·Babay Bar Pushkinskaya, 25

·Bar-Restaurant”Antresol” Shevchenko, 2

·Bar-Restaurant ”Maria Magdalen” st. Gonty 3-А

·Bar-Restaurant Liquor st. Yaroslavov Val 19/31

·BC “Kubik” st. Sholudenko, 3

·Hotel Radisson st. Yaroslavov Val , 22

·Restaurant  ”Kavern” st. Pushkinskaya, 9а

·Club”Cupidon” st. Pushkinskaya 1-3/5

·Restaurant  ”Babuin” st. B. Khmelnitskogo, 39

·Restaurant ”Kartel” st. Shamrilo, 23

·Restaurant ”Lisova pisnya” st. B. Khmelnitskogo, 30/10

·Restaurant  st. B. Khmelnitskogo, 30

·Restaurant ”Panorama” st. Sholudenka 3,

·Restaurant ”Pena” st. Yaroslavov Val 30/18

· ave Shevchenko, 18

·Restaurant  st. Pushkinskaya, 7

·Restaurant Mafia st.Artema, 77 +38(067) 570 19 13

·Restaurant Mafia st. Krasnoarmeyska 76, +38(067) 579 10 49

·Restaurant Mafia st. B. Khmelnitskogo 27/1, +38(067) 403 03 48

Solomianskyi area (Raion)

·Restaurant  Vesnushky,Ushinskogo 14-16

·Restaurant ”Coffee Smile” st. Shota  Pustavely, 19

·Restaurant  st. Shota  Pustavely, 16

·Restaurant ”Kaleydoskop” ave. Krasnozvezdnyy, 51

·Restaurant ”Nobu” st. Shota  Rustavely, 12

·“ipSpider” st. Ushinskogo, 22

·Mc Donalds #2 sq. Sevastopolskaya 1, (044) 501-59-02 fax:(044) 245-92-24 : 06:00-24:00

·Mc Donalds #10 str.Borschagivska 26, (044) 230-27-29 fax (044) 230-20-46 : 6:00-24:00

·Mc Donalds #20 sq. Vokzalna 2,  (044) 501-32-96  (044) 501-32-97 : 05:00-24:00

·Mc Donalds #69 Sky Mall ave. Vatutina 2-t, (044) 393-32-01 fax (044) 393-32-02 : 10:00-22:00

·Mc Donalds #54 Karavan str. Lugova 12, (044) 206-43-91 fax (044) 206-43-92 : mo-th; sut 08:00-1:00 fr-sat08:00-1:30

Sviatoshynskyi area (Raion)

·Carlo Pazolini av. Pobedy, 19

·Carlo Pazolini av. Pobedy, 19

·Chaikoff av. Pobedy, 1

·Restaurant Status av. Pobedy, 1

·Bowling -club “ Strike “ av. Pobedy, 84

·KPI  av. Pobedy, 37


Darnytskyi area (Raion)

·Restaurant Mafia st. Kharkovskoe highway 144a, +38(044) 377 74 59

·Restaurant Mafia ave.Brovarskoy  17, +38(067) 538 46 56

·Restaurant Mafia st.Sribnokilkaya 3g, +38(067) 658 68 31

·Mc Donalds #17 sq.Gagarina 2a, (044) 451-44-62fax (044) 451-86-68 6:00-24:00

·Mc Donalds #29 ave Bazhana 3b, (044) 560-17-62 fax (044) 578-31-53 : 07:00-24:00

·Mc Donalds #46 str. Grishka 7, (044) 572-33-96 fax (044) 573-85-45 : 06:00-24:00 (fri.-sat. 06:00-01:00)

Desnianskyi area (Raion)

·TC”KOmod”st. Lunacharskogo, 4

·Mc Donalds #6 str.M. Raskovoy 1, (044) 536-0892 fax (044) 536-0893 06:00-24:00

·Mc Donalds #7 str.T.Dreiser 4, (044) 515-9023 fax (044) 536-09-24 06:00-24:00

·Mc Donalds #53 ave Brovarskyy 27, (044) 541-19-70 fax (044) 543-97-66 : 06:00-24:00

                            Prepaid Wi Fi zone in Kiev


·Airport Boryspol Terminal А, B

·Airport Zhulyany

Holosiivskyi area (Raion)

· st. Glushkogo, 1

·Tea shop Monomakh st. Velyka Vasylkivska, 21a

·Cafe st. Saksaganskogo, 7

·Cafe st. Chervonoarmiyska, 111/113

Obolonskyi area Raion)

·TC ”Gorodok” Moskovskiy ave 23-a

·Restaurant ”Mamamia” Moskovskiy ave , 20-а (Lukoil)

· st. Geroiv Stalingrada, 12

·Hotel ”Obolon” st.Timoshenko, 29

· Moskovskiy ave 23a

Pecherskyi area (Raion)

·Bar ”Trufel” st. Basseyna, 2a

·TC Metrograd Basseyna sq. 2

·Sushi-bar Sushia st. Schorsa, 44

·Sushi-bar”7 Samurai” Basseyna sq. 2

·Restaurant ”Pervak” st. Rognedinskaya, 2

·Restaurant ”Vezuvio” st. Reytarska, 25/

·Club ”44″ st. Kreschatik, 44

·st. Yanvarskogo vostanyya 21, k. 15

·Hotel ”Rus” st. Gospitalna, 4

·Hotel ”President” st. Gospitalna, 12

·Hotel ”Kreschatik” st. Kreschatik, 14

·Hotel ”Dnepr” st. Kreschatik1/2

·Restaurant ”Cosmopolit” st. Vladimirska, 47

·Restaurant “Marm” st. Kikvidze 1/2

·Restaurant  ”Stena-Wall” Basseyna sq. 2

Podilskyi area (Raion)

·Restaurant Casa Bella st. Sagaydachnogo, 27

·Restaurant “Repriza” st. P. Sagaydachnogo10/5

·Hotel ”Domus” st. Yaroslavska, 19

Shevchenkivskyi area (Raion)

·Cafe ”Cofe house” st. Khmelnitskkogo 30/10

·Hotel ”Premier Palace” T. Shevchenko 5-7/29

·Vladimirskiy st. Leontovicha, 9

·Restaurant  ”Sunduk” st. Leontovicha, 7

Solomianskyi area (Raion)

·Railway station Privokzalna sq.

·Hotel ”Libid” sq. Pobedy, 1

·“”  ave. 0-letyya Oktyabrya, 6g

Sviatoshynskyi area (Raion)

Darnytskyi area (Raion)

·Hotel ”Turist” st. R. Okipnoy, 2

Desnianskyi area (Raion)

· st. Malishko, 3

UEFA EURO 2012 main referees

December 29th, 2011

The UEFA EURO 2012 main referees are:
Cüneyt Çakır (TUR)
Jonas Eriksson (SWE)
Viktor Kassai (HUN)
Bjorn Kuipers (NED)
Stéphane Lannoy (FRA)
Pedro Proença (POR)
Nicola Rizzoli (ITA)
Damir Skomina (SVN)
Wolfgang Stark (GER)
Craig Thomson (SCO)
Carlos Velasco Carballo (ESP)
Howard Webb (ENG)

And  four fourth officials :
Marcin Borski (POL)
Tom Harald Hagen (NOR)
Pavel Královec (CZE)
Viktor Shvetsov (UKR)

Oranje in Charkov (Kharkov)

December 29th, 2011

Een reisje naar Oekraine, waar het Nederlands voetbalelftal

volgend jaar zijn EK-wedstrijden speelt, dreigt voor fans een logistieke en/of financiele nachtmerrie te worden. De loting voor het EK heeft

uitgewezen dat Oranje zijn wedstrijden in de industriestad

Charkov moet spelen, een oord dat niet bepaald als droombestemming voor een fijne stedentrip te boek  staat. Er gaan geen directe reguliere vluchten

vanuit Nederland naartoe, vliegen via bijvoorbeeld Wenen

of Kiev is peperduur, en wie met de auto gaat is zo’n dertig

uur onderweg. Daar komt bij dat overnachten een fortuin

zal kosten. Persbureau AFP schrijft dat hotels in Oekraine

- en medeorganisator Polen - hun prijzen in de EK-periode

op zijn minst verdrievoudigen, en dat vele hotels sowieso al

zijn volgeboekt om alle hoogwaardigheidsbekleders van de

UEFA te huisvesten. De Supportersclub Oranje zet, zoals

bij eerdere toernooien, een camping op speciaal voor fans,

maar zelfs die is in Charkov prijzig. Volgens de Telegraaf

kost een plekje 135 euro per nacht.